Blood Wedding

How can a woman be a mother without any children? How can she be a wife without a husband? How long should she mourn the loss of her loved ones?

Before the civil war that raged through Spain in the early part of the 20th Century, a young writer started capturing the lives of people in his home in Andalucía. Frederico Garcia Lorca created works which he phrased as “a photograph of life.”

Blood Wedding is a tragedy, it is portentous as it tells of man against man, their need for possessions and money, value and worth. It’s also love story; the love of a woman who represents passion and possession as property and wealth.  Blood Wedding tells of a mother’s grief at the loss of her home, her place in society, her family and her future.

Lorca’s greatest play has tremendous depth in so few words. It is rich in poetry and imagery. It talks of flowers to comfort, veils for a wedding or to bury the dead. The mystical and dark figures of the Moon and the Beggar Woman, disguised as Death all add to the depth of the traditional beliefs of a country about to be torn apart by a war that would result in Lorca’s life being taken in a field outside the city of Grenada, in Andalucía.

A very dark play that focuses on life in the shadows, the unspoken word, the passions and hunger of youth, the desire for change in the future and the roots that cling to their past.

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