Cymbeline or Innogen?

Whilst the ruler of Britain gets the headline, this is more the story of the young daughter of England, Innogen. Her hopes dashed, her husband banished, her chastity and virtue doubted, plots to kill her and she eventually hides disguised as a man.

Britain is in chaos. Cymbeline, the ruler has other problems closer to home. Having had two children taken as infants now Innogen, the daughter, has married a commoner, outside of an arrangement.

As Rome prepares to attack and destroy Cymbeline and the country. A husband returns to confront and kill his wife, not knowing that she is rushing to him to protest her innocence.

All this time a spurned suitor, Cloten, is hunting Innogen.

Loyalty and honour are at the heart of this intricate tragedy. However, unlike Shakespeare’s other plays this tragedy does not end with numerous deaths but a reunion. A peaceful reconciliation.

Set between a civilised Rome and a wild Wales, the court of Cymbeline is the third place. A state in need of change. Is Britain ready to become more contemporary and peaceful or return to base and rugged isolation?

Cymbeline, is one of the strangest of Shakespeare’s plays, part tragedy and part fairy tale. It is darkly romantic and although it was once ridiculed for its convoluted and multi layered plot lines. It is now confirmed as one of Shakespeare’s great plays receiving two major revivals in 2016 at the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe. This is the first time it has been performed at the Great Barn, Titchfield.

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