The Nose

Strange things happen, perhaps rarely, but it happens.

The starting point is Gogol, the rest is, well, more invention. A marriage bargain, a money-grasping family, a ruthless and pretentious poet, a desirous actress, a beleaguered husband, a frail servant, a few macaroons, a misbehaving sausage and, oh yes, a missing nose.

On the most important day of his life a vain and pretentious poet wakes to discover his nose is absent from his face – despite a frantic search he is forced to use a fine example of a Russian sausage – which is a little disconcerting for his intended fiancĂ© and in-laws. Add to this farcical mix of confusion, cravings for happiness and an exultant climax, you have an elegant tale of love and retribution.

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